Born in 2009, she started riding at the age of 4. A student of Piera Monti, with her first pony she won the 2020 B80 pony trophy, came in 3rd in the regional final of the Progetto Sport for 2 consecutive years, and 2nd in style at the National Final. She was selected as a member of the Sardinian team for the Pony Games, and has won many other regional competitions.

Her current pony is named Ma Belle Fleur Vh Bruulhof, and she has been with her since October 2021. The pair placed 4th and 9th at Ponylandia and 7th at the Pony Master Show in Arezzo. She won the vol. 5 of Campus Master Class 2022 and has started jumping the b100. Her goal is to achieve the 1° degree licence with this pony. She also practices Polo and is a member of the Sardinian team, currently ranking 1st in the Coppa Italia.