Mattia Santini is a Roman rider born in 2005, he started riding his first ponies at the age of 6 participating in recreational competitions. At the age of 12 he started his competitive career with his first grey pony Bearna Rua Millrace. In 2019, he placed 5th at the Italian Championships in the Children category with Bearna Rua Millrace. In 2020, with his first horse Park Romeo, he placed 8th at the Italian Junior Championships in the Brevetti category; that same year he came third at the Central-Southern Championships. In 2022, with his beloved grey horse Make Peace Vandorpheneide, he placed first at the Lazio Junior Regional Championships. He confirmed this result in 2023 with the chestnut horse K, finishing 9th in the 125X125 gold competition at VeronaFiera.