The best for wellness of horses

Highly absorbent wood flakes bedding, providing more comfort to the horse and better box management

Goldspan is the solution you are looking for to improve the quality of your stable and immediately obtain concrete benefits, that are unparalleled in the market.

Speciale Fieracavalli 2023

Goldspan bedding, tailored for the well-being of horses and exclusively dedicated to them, comes highly recommended by top professionals, including veterinarians, farriers and riders. It’s already in use at numerous horse breeding farms and top-tier stables.

Goldspan bedding: efficient, clean, and hygienic

Horses will certainly notice the difference: an immediate improvement in their health and comfort!

Exceptionally absorbent, particularly for liquids, with 8 times the absorption capacity compared to straw
Proven to reduce of ammoniacal nitrogen levels, thus minimising unpleasant odours
More comfort for the horse, even for horses with respiratory problems
Increased ease of management of the box, also for the grooms
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