Federica Conte is 22 years old and began riding at the age of 7 thanks to the passion instilled in her by her mother on the family stable, Terre Rosse, which she created with the dream of breeding foals and sport horses to give Federica the opportunity to grow and progress in the sport.

Her love for this sport has never wavered, starting as a simple hobby and evolving into competitive sport at a young age, eventually becoming her main focus today. At the age of 13, during the junior season, she won the bronze medal at the Italian Criterium children championships, alongside her competition partner Tordo, at the Horses Riviera Resort.

A few years later, thanks to the 120×120 initiative, she had the honor of competing in one of the most prestigious arenas, the Fieracavalli Verona World Cup, placing in the Silver tour for all three days, alongside the young Maggie Braun. In order to learn as much as possible and improve herself technically and managerially, she decided to gain experience abroad a year ago, specifically in the Netherlands, at Denis Lynch’ stables. Despite facing challenges along the way, in August 2023 she obtained her second degree and has now begun her first experiences with Baedek, a horse with a big heart who is growing alongside her step by step in the most important categories.