Nicole Cereseto, born in 1999, has been riding horses since she was six years old and has been competing since 2011. After high school, she intensified her sports activities: currently, her schedule is divided between participating in competitions and working as an influencer, with many followers. She is the author of the book “Take a breath and start over. The story of a girl who never stopped believing in her dreams” (Mondadori 2022). She lives in Monza and has six inseparable chihuahuas.
She currently owns 3 horses: Heartbeat, America Pie, and Infinity. Over the years, she has participated in various competitions and achieved placements, such as the regional junior gold medal in 2016, 5th place in the 145 ranking class in December 2024 CSI2*, 5th place in the regional absolute ranking, 9th (2022) and 10th (2023) place in the Italian absolute championship for female riders.